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If you're looking at this page, you're not logged into the site yet, but you may be wondering how you get into a game. This Conquest game was developed to be a turn-based game, similar to how you'd play a board game, except this game is played on the website and allows each player the convenience of completing their turn at a separate time, which could be a few minutes, hours, or even days apart.

If you are joining some friends that told you about the game, you may still need to register on the site. The first requirement to join or setup a new game, is to become a member of Dragons Hobbies. If you want to setup your own game, after registration, you will need to invite some friends to join you in the game. You can come back here and Setup a New Game of Conquest with up to 5 of your buddies.

If you are still having trouble with getting a game going, feel free to send a PM to me through the forum or send an email directly to me - admin [ at ] dragons hobbies [ dot ] com.

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