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All custom 'Mechs listed here were designed for use in the Classic BattleTech game.

Light (20-35 tons) Medium (40-55 tons) Heavy (60-75 tons) Assault (80-100 tons)
Bizy Bear Ð Bastage ArcAngel 777 Andraus
LiteMite Bastage Alpha Dreadnok Angry Panda Ð
Tyny £ Bear Ð Guillotine IIC-EFM Behemoth EFM
Beowulf IIC Hellbringer C-EFM Deathsman £
Beowulf IIC 2 Kill-N-U £ Gentle Ben 101A Ð
Conjurer DW101 Ð Orion IIC DW102 Ð Knight L26
Corvis D1 Swifty ó Knight M41
Joker A1 Mega-Death
Maximum Stone Dragon ç
Maxus Stone Rhino DW6225 Ð
Mortem Thunderhead
Ozark Tower
Phantom EFM Tower A
Stooping Hawk D-EFM
Vulcan IIC-EFM
Werewolf IIC-EFM
Yogi ¢

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Light (20-35 tons) Medium (40-55 tons) Heavy (60-75 tons) Assault (80-100 tons)
Nightmare STG-3R-N1 £ Beowulf BEO-DF Orlowski RLW-SK1 ø Balrog BLR-1G-A1
Whisper WSP-1A-L1 Blaster RFL-3N-B2 Warhammer WHM-6D1 Bulldog BLR-1G-B2
Number5 BLR-1G-N5 Warhammer WHM-6D2 Mooch SHD-2H-M1 £
Rat RT-A1 £
Scrappy SCR-A1
Squee SQ-10
Squee SQ-11
Squee SQ-12
Squee SQ-A
Squee SQ-A1

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unlabeled = design by Nathaniel Dragon, = design by Beth Bird, ç = design by James Cartman, € = design by Ernie Feliciano, = design by David O'Conner, = design by Chris Orlowski, ó = design by Bobby Pisano, = design by Rufino Pisano, = design by Brian Williams, = design by David Wright

Contact Dragon on Dragon's Hobbies BattleTech Forum to submit your designs.

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