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Commander Cinemax (aka Dave)

Dave I was born a poor sharecropper in Southern Alabama. I moved to Florida after inventing the internet with two soda cans, some gum and a little string. I work in the IT department of a credit company to keep myself busy. My slow co-workers have no clue that I'm secretly a worldly(and handsome)man of millions and of intrigue. My WASPy life of a wife and kid(s) and commuting to work with a mini-van is just a cover for my fast paced life of Monte Carlo casino excursions and hot liaisons with beautiful models.

I play Battletech because killing people for real seems to draw a lot of negative attention to myself and for some reason is illegal. I also enjoy the cinema. That's what we really smart people call "the movies". Try it yourself-say "I'm going to the "cinema" to see the new Van Damme film." There! Even a craptacular star vehicle like a Van Damme movie sounds like a foreign subtitled art house piece when you use it in context with "cinema". By the way I have copyrighted "craptacular" so don't use it yourself or you'll hear from my lawyers.

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