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Commander Squee (aka Ernie)

ErnieGreetings to all prospective recruits. I am General Squee. I command the forces of "Squee Jaguars", one of the last remnants of Clan Smoke Jaguar. I am involved in this Planetary War to try to bring about some semblance of order in our lives. We seek honor thru trial and combat. Beware...for the remaining forces of Smoke Jaguar will arise and vengeance shall be swifty and bloody.

On a more personal note, I (Ernie F.) have been gaming more or less for about 10yrs. I was introduced to BattleTech by Nathaniel (Commander Dragon). I try to game with these guys as often as possible, but they take so much of my time I feel like a game-hoochie. It amuses me to destroy them.

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