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Commander Dragon (aka Nathaniel)

NathanielAs as an avid gamer, I have introduced many players to new games beyond the mediocrity of Monopoly and Checkers. My current mission is to seek out and initiate people into a somewhat unknown form of entertainment - the world of table-top gaming. These games aren't just for kids - we are playing some games that require skill, dedication, a lust for conflict, and sometimes a dark sense of humor.

I have been playing board games most of my life - starting off with simple childrens games and teaching myself to play chess before I got out of elementary school. One year for Christmas my brother and I were given the game Clue. That became one of my favorite games. Later I was given Clue: Master Detective and secured my title as the "Master Detective" of the family by winning nearly every game. I was introduced to a few combat/strategy games by my uncle, who often brought board games to Thanksgiving dinner each year. Some of my favorite games are still ones my uncle had, including Conquest of the Empire and Cathedral.

As a senior in High School, I noticed BattleTech in a hobby shop and recognized the FASA symbol from a game that my uncle had called Battlestar Galactica. I decided to buy it and have been a fan of the game ever since. During my years in the Marine Corps I didn't play BattleTech much, focusing more on D&D which was easier to find players for. I continued playing D&D regularly until a couple years ago I had a better opportunity to play a variety of games, including BattleTech.

Now I've initiated this Beta Campaign and have these friends that are helping me develope the game more than I've been able to in the past. Our scenarios aren't run by a single "Game Master" but instead each player helps determine the flow of the campaign. We are located around Tampa / St. Petersburg and encourage those interested to contact us to get involved.

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