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Beta Campaign

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Battle 1.1

The Squee Force makes the first attack of the Planetary Wars. As the mechs are dropped into position each commander has confidence that he will prevail in this battle.

The attacking Squee Force, lead by Commander Squee himself, is coming from Luthien. Weighing it at a total of 225 tons and a Battle Value of 5957, these Smoke Jaguar warriors are ready for action. Assisting Commander Squee will be the infamous Commander Dragon, a well known strategist and mech designer.

The defending Blind Followers, lead by Commander Cinemax, are located on Kessel. The scales don't appear to be tilting much to one side in this battle as these Ghost Bears weigh in at 190 tons with a Battle Value of 6117. Commander Ambitious was planning to assist Commander Cinemax in the battle, but his transportation failed and he was stranded until after the battle was over.

Current Map


RickCommander Ambitious

DaveCommander Cinemax

NathanielCommander Dragon

ErnieCommander Squee

Status Report

Andraus, Gentle Ben, and Ozark (actual minis 2 Daishis and Phoenix Hawk)As the battle began, Commander Cinemax drew first blood, with his veteran Mechwarrior Jack in the Gentle Ben 101A. He blasts 22 points of damage on Commander Squee's Guillotine IIC-EFM in the center of the battlefield. Unfortunately, during the same shot, Cinemax also slagged one of his ER Medium Lasers. Ironically, Commander Squee follows suit and slags a Medium Pulse Laser on his Guillotine IIC-EFM.

Orion DW101, Guillotine IIC-EFM, and Bizy Bear (actual minis Orion, Wolverine, and Uller)During the intense battle, Commander Dragon confronts Cinemax's veteran. Dragon's Mechwarrior Junior is fresh from the academy and was prepared to fight with everything he had. Junior was piloting the 55 ton Ozark. While he moved into position to face off with the Gentle Ben, Commander Squee sent his Andraus just to the right of the Gentle Ben. At the same time, Commander Cinemax was positioning his two more agile mechs to the right and left of Squee's Guillotine, attempting to eliminate the damaged mech. The outcome favored Squee as the Gentle Ben dropped under pressure and was quickly eliminated moments later as the head was blasted off. Commander Cinemax quickly saw that he needed to retreat if he was going to save any of his mechs and warriors. Unfortunately before getting free, Cinemax lost his Orion IIC DW102. Moe, the pilot, is suspected to be dead but this unconfirmed status has been listed as MIA (Missing In Action).

End of Battle - Bizy Bear escapedCommander Squee claimed victory to his first battle of the war in Kessel. Commander Cinemax retreated with his Bizy Bear and the Mechwarrior named Manny heading to Trondheim.

Duff, Squee's Andraus pilot was awarded with Smoke Jaguar's Valuable Mechwarrior Award. He aspires to one day become a great commander and will learn as much as he can from Commander Squee while under his command.

Manny, Cinemax's Bizy Bear pilot was awarded with Ghost Bear's Valuable Mechwarrior Award and hopes to be promoted soon.

RIP Mechwarriors Jack and Moe.

Current Forces spreadsheet

  • The Ambitious Army of Clan Jade Falcon
    Funds: 4,183,203 C-Bills
    Arc Royal
    Ice Ferret (Fenris) H [45 tons; 12,432,300 C-Bills; 1,342 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Larry (Veteran); Skills: G-3 P-4
    Predator [60 tons; 12,127,200 C-Bills; 1,592 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Curley (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Vapor Eagle (Goshawk) [55 tons; 12,227,795 C-Bills; 2,243 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Shemp (Regular); Skills: G-2 P-4
    Viper (Dragonfly) A [40 tons; 11,427,032 C-Bills; 1,845 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Moe (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Dark Nebula
    Deathsman [95 tons; 11,130,341 C-Bills; 1,974 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Private Ricky (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Nova (Blackhawk) H [50 tons; 11,659,374 C-Bills; 1,552 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Tank (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Phantom [40 tons; 11,206,387 C-Bills; 1,029 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Little Willy (Regular); Skills: G-4 P-4
    Stormcrow (Ryoken) D [55 tons; 15,456,998 C-Bills; 1,698 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Big Peter (Veteran); Skills: G-1 P-2
    ArcAngel 777 [70 tons; 16,929,506 C-Bills; 2,221 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: ELT01 (Elite); Skills: G-0 P-1
    Kill-N-U [70 tons; 13,970,374 C-Bills; 2,524 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: REG01 (Regular); Skills: G-3 P-3
    Swifty [50 tons; 8,555,000 C-Bills; 1,626 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: GRN05 (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Yogi {50 tons; 8,694,500 C-Bills; 1,581 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: GRN06 (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
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  • The Blind Followers of Clan Ghost Bear
    Funds: 1,585,802 C-Bills
    Angry Panda (Red Panda) [80 tons; 15,853,320 C-Bills; 1,937 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Papa (Veteran); Skills: G-3 P-4
    Bear [45 tons; 4,442,002 C-Bills; 1,575 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Yogi (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Conjurer (Hellhound) DW101 [50 tons; 5,245,500 C-Bills; 1,598 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Bob (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Griffin IIC [40 tons; 4,255,510 C-Bills; 1,492 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Skip (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Orion IIC [75 tons; 8,267,000 C-Bills; 1,923 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Fred (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Stone Rhino (Behemoth) DW6225 [100 tons; 10,934,000 C-Bills; 2,586 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Zip (Regular); Skills: G-4 P-5
    Kessel - CAPTURED by the Squee Force
    Bizy Bear (Mean Bear) [20 tons; 3,190,640 C-Bills; 1,120 BV] RETREATING to Trondheim
    • Mechwarrior: Manny (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6; XP: **
    Gentle Ben 101A [100 tons; 29,803,334 C-Bills; 2,390 BV] DESTROYED
    • Mechwarrior: Jack (Veteran); Skills: G-2 P-2; Status: KIA
    Orion IIC DW102 [75 tons; 16,604,000 C-Bills; 2,607 BV] DESTROYED
    • Mechwarrior: Moe (Regular); Skills: G-2 P-4; Status: MIA
    Adder (Puma) A [35 tons; 7,217,438 C-Bills; 1,304 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Barney (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Grendel B [45 tons; 12,052,400 C-Bills; 1,800 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Larry (Regular); Skills: G-4 P-4
    Marauder IIC [85 tons; 9,913,534 C-Bills; 2,217 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Joe (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Summoner (Thor) A [70 tons; 20,635,520 C-Bills; 2,119 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Chewie (Elite); Skills: G-1 P-1
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  • The Dreadnok Raiders of Clan Wolf
    Funds: 1,009,576 C-Bills
    Annihilator IIC [100 tons; 30,155,000 C-Bills; 2,999 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Ripp (Veteran); Skills: G-3 P-2
    Beowulf IIC 2 [50 tons; 9,750,000 C-Bills; 2,439 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Zandar (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Knight L26 [85 tons; 9,703,744 C-Bills; 2,482 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Buzz (Regular); Skills: G-3 P-4
    Bastage [45 tons; 9,081,894 C-Bills; 1,802 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Tomax (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Corvis D1 [40 tons, 3,415,814 C-Bills; 1,419 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Xamot (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Tower [100 tons; 37,070,418 C-Bills; 3,009 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Sebatian (Veteran); Skills: G-1 P-2
    The Rock
    Dreadnok (Ripper) [60 tons; 13,757,760 C-Bills; 1,849 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Zartan (Elite); Skills; G-0 P-3
    Glass Spider (Galahad) 2 [60 tons; 5,382,400 C-Bills; 1,755 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Torch (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Joker A1 [50 tons; 11,631,249 C-Bills; 2,088 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Thrash (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Thunderhead (Turtle) [85 tons; 9,859,144 C-Bills; 2,129 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Zanzibar (Regular); Skills: G-4 P-4
    Warhammer IIC [80 tons; 9,183,001 C-Bills; 2,159 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Zarana (Regular); Skills: G-3 P-5
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  • The Squee Force of Clan Smoke Jaguar
    Funds: 4,659,490 C-Bills
    Andraus (Havoc) [100 tons; 28,085,334 C-Bills; 2,574 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Duff (Veteran); Skills: G-1 P-2; XP: **
    Guillotine IIC-EFM [70 tons; 7,825,666 C-Bills; 1,822 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Bud (Regular); Skills: G-4 P-4; XP: *
    Ozark [55 tons; 12,126,890 C-Bills; 1,561 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Junior (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6; XP: *
    Turtle Bay
    Behemoth EFM [100 tons; 28,743,334 C-bills; 2,432 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Grange (Elite); Skills: G-3 P-1
    Mortem (CBK) [50 tons; 9,897,000 C-Bills; 1,749 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Karl (Regular); Skills: G-4 P-5
    Stalker (Lumber) [55 tons; 9,948,106 C-Bills; 1,698 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Lem (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Hellbringer (Loki) C-EFM [65 tons; 14,461,809 C-Bills; 2,115 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Damien (Veteran); Skills: G-3 P-3
    Maxus (Minimus) [45 tons; 9,623,215 C-Bills; 1,248 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Dave (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Phantom EFM [40 tons; 8,095,126 C-Bills; 1,371 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Miller (Regular); Skills: G-2 P-4
    Stooping Hawk D-EFM [55 tons; 5,674,136 C-Bills; 1,756 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Crane (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Vulcan IIC-EFM [40 tons; 3,741,734 C-Bills; 1,393 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Bill (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
    Werewolf IIC-EFM [40 tons; 7,118,160 C-Bills; 1,540 BV]
    • Mechwarrior: Daniel (Green); Skills: G-4 P-6
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