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Battle 1.4 - An Ambitious Assault

Commander Ambitious has recently surprised the rest of us with his bold statements. One of his most recent was his declaration of attack: "BE IT KNOWN that Commander Ambitious with his hopefully talented teammate, will invade Rasalhog from Dark Nebula and kick ass!"

Due to some consolidation of his forces after the previous Dreadnok raid, the Ambitious Army has 6 'Mechs that is sending into battle from Dark Nebula. The Ambitious 'Mechs weigh in at 340 tons with a Battle Value of 9838 - the highest BV that we've seen at one location so far!

The force defending Rasalhague is handicapped, having only 3 Dreadnok 'Mechs. Dispite the odds, Commander Dragon has no intention to request hegira. His 'Mechs weigh in at 235 tons and have a Battle Value of 7920. With a decent team of pilots Commander Dragon has confidence of a good battle.


Rick 020310
Commander Ambitious

Dave unavailable for this battle
Commander Cinemax

Nathaniel 020310
Commander Dragon

Ernie 020310
Commander Squee

Status Report

Attackers: Stormcrow [actual - Centurion], Deathsman [actual - Battlemaster], Vapor Eagle [actual - Shadowhawk], Nova, Ice Ferret [actual - Archer], Phantom [actual - Stinger]Commander Ambitious came into the battle ready to tear up the ground, but as he soon discovered, these defending Dreadnok Raiders had no intentions to retreat. The defending position was near the top of a mountain, with the only sloped access on the defending right flank.

Defenders: Beowulf IIC, Annihilator IIC, Knight [actual - Canis]The open terrain ahead of the attackers gave them easy access to the defending side of the battlefield. The range of combat tightened quickly as the smaller Ambitious 'Mechs moved up the defender right flank, heading for access up the mountain. Within a minute the first shots were fired by the Beowulf IIC from the top of the mountain. The target was missed but the returned fire from the Vapor Eagle caused half a ton of armor to be blasted off the left torso of the Beowulf.

The Knight takes heavy hitsA moment later the Knight made a critical hit against the attacking Nova, knocking the the 'Mech into the ground. This critical hit severely hindered the Nova, which initially had the potential to be a very deadly machine. Although the Nova had 10 Heavy Medium Lasers, not a single one was fired during the battle.

One big cluster of a battleMoving to the edge of the plateau proved to be a bad choice for the Dreadnok Raiders. The third round was a scary moment for Sgt Buzz in his Knight as he took some heavy damage from both the Stormcrow and the Vapor Eagle. Sgt Buzz barely managed to keep the Knight standing under the barrage of missiles and laser fire and he immidiately stepped back from the edge as soon as he had a second to think.

Ambitious considers retreatA vengeful MechWarrior named Shemp launched his Vapor Eagle onto the higher level to continue his assault against the Knight. Unfortunately for Shemp, he lost the support of most of the attack force and soon discovered that going toe-to-toe against two Assault 'Mechs wasn't the brightest thing he could have done. Although Sgt Buzz was still recovering from the previous damage, the Knight ripped into the Vapor Eagle blasting off the left side before destroying the 'Mech.

The Ice Ferret makes one last attemptAs the Ice Ferret and the Phantom made their way to the top of the mountain, Pvt Zandar positioned himself - waiting to strike. The Nova jumped to the edge of the mountain to assist just as the Ice Ferret slipped underwater in a fast moving mountain spring. With the Ice Ferret missing for the moment, Pvt Zandar struck the Nova down, finishing off the previously damaged gyro.

Curse you and your mountain!Commander Ambitious soon decided it was time to retreat, but already it was too late. Within another minute the Phantom and Ice Ferret were put out of commission. There are several reports that as the Stormcrow and the Deathsman retreated off the battlefield their pilots could be heard cursing the Dreadnok Raiders and the mountain of Rasalhague.

(Status Reporter: Dragon)

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