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Battle 1.3 - Cinemax Attacks

The time has come... Commander Cinemax prepares his attack on Turtle Bay by sending a message to Commander Squee which stated "Commander Squee!!!!! I plan to turn your Turtle Bay into Turtle Soup!!!!!!!HaaaHaaahaaa!!!!"

The Blind Followers are sending 5 'Mechs from Trondheim. The attackers weigh in at 255 tons with a Battle Value of 8640. Manny, the only surviving warrior from the previous Squee attack on Kessel, returns for revenge.

Turtle Bay will be defended by only 3 'Mechs. The Squee Force weighs in at 205 tons and a Battle Value of 5879. It will be amazing to see them successfully hold their ground.


Rick 020224
Commander Ambitious

Dave 020224
Commander Cinemax

Nathaniel 020224
Commander Dragon

Ernie 020224
Commander Squee

Status Report

TO BATTLE!It's early morning on the Squee Jaguar base of Turtle Bay. Three pilots stir to begin their morning. They settle down to listlessly consume their breakfast when a shrill alarm pierces the subdued calm. They look up at one another in alarm. They rise as one and begin the walk to the hanger. No words are spoken. None are needed for they know what it is that comes.Battle.

Defending - Behemoth [actual: Kingfisher], Stalker [actual: Lynx], and Mortem [actual: Centurion]The pilots enter their respective mounts. Grange, the senior pilot, silently hopes that young Lem can hold his own. This is after all his first battle.

Karl signals over the comm. " Grange.I see 5 intruders approaching at reckless speed. They intend to mow us down thinking they have the upper hand. I am guessing they out-weigh us by 100 tons."

Lem gasps aloud. "Grange.we should leave. They out weigh and out gun us with superior numbers".

Attacking - Adder [actual: Falcon Hawk], Grendel [actual: Javelin], Bizy Bear [actual: Kit Fox], Marauder IIC [actual: Marauder], and SummonerTo this stupid comment Grange can only reply " Kid.superior guns doesn't mean superior pilots. Now shut yer trap and honor thy clan. TO BATTLE!"

The 3 Mechs head into battle, uncertain what will happen. About 4 clicks in they meet the 5 opposing Mechs.haughty in their numbers and inexperience against the Squee Jaguars. All but one. Manny, pilot of the Bizy Bear, knows what Squee Jaguars are capable off. He wades into battle intending on redeeming himself!

almost 2 attackers for each defenderThey all meet in the field of battle.prepared for mortal combat! Squee Jaguar attacks first, all unsuccessful! The Blind Followers let loose a volley from steaming energy weapons, also missing their targets. " Hmm.I think we can pull this off," thinks Grange. The Solar sky follows its eternal arc over the base. The battle is heated. One, then two Blind Follower Mechs fall to the surface, face first. The battle is as little more than a scrapping match, but at least it is a little more even now that the Adder and the Bizy Bear have fallen.

Blind Followers withdrawThe leader of this "Cub force", Chewie, views the carnage from his Summoner and opens a link to Grange. He requests to be allowed to withdraw with his walking Mechs and surviving pilots. After much debate, they are allowed to "withdraw". The three Squee Jaguar Mechs look ominously towards Manny. Manny understands as fear and guilt seep into his heart. He is only alive because it amused them to let him crawl back twice defeated with no honor.

(Status Reporter: Squee)

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