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Battle 1.2 - Molten Metal and Sunny Afternoons

Commander Squee has spent 356,000 C-Bills making some repairs on his 'mechs along with collecting up 2 damaged 'mechs which were scavaged from the previous battle, but that's in a different location than where our primary focus is now. For the second battle our war of the 12 territories, Commander Dragon will be leading the attack against the forces of Commander Ambitious.

The attacking Dreadnok Raiders will be moving in from the territory called Tamar into the Arc Royal region. This battle the attackers are lighter than in the first battle, weighing in at 185 tons with a Battle Value of 6320. Commander Dragon will be assisted by Commander Squee.

Commander Ambitious and his Ambitious Army will be defending Arc Royal with a force weighing in at exactly 200 tons and a Battle Value of 7022. It is also noted that while the attacking Raiders are comprised of custom and modified 'mechs, all of the defenders in Arc Royal are standard designs. Commander Ambitious will be assisted by Commander Cinemax.


Commander Ambitious

Commander Cinemax

Commander Dragon

Commander Squee

Status Report

Attackers - Tower (Victor mini), Bastage (Assassin mini), and Corvis (Blackhawk mini)The Dreadnok Raiders led by Commander Dragon were itching to battle. The idea of taking over Arc Royal defended by Commander Ambitious made them hot for torn metal and blood.

Defenders - Viper (Javelin mini), Ice Ferret (Archer mini), Vapor Eagle (Shadowhawk mini), and Predator (MenShen mini)Arc Royal was a sparse, slightly hilly territory. Commander Ambitious had his team of mechs split up with the Ice Ferret piloted by a veteran named Larry and the Predator controlled by a new pilot named Curley going into some light woods. The other two mechs flanked on the right as soon as Commander Dragon's three mechs were in long range.

First blood!Larry in the Ice Ferret drew first blood by hitting the Bastage with his ER Large Laser causing 10 points to the green pilot Tomax's mech. Meanwhile, the Viper piloted by Moe jumped in front of the Bastage from the right and showed his inexperience by launching a alpha strike at the already shaken mech. Moe did very little damage to the Bastage for all his trouble and heated his mech up as well.

Curley braces himselfThe Bastage was hurting a little and called on his fellow Raider Tower piloted by veteran Sebastian for assistance. They ganged up on the Viper and left him smoking then turn their attention on the Predator who had left the woods to help the Viper. The Vapor Eagle piloted by regular Shemp used his jump jets to land directly behind the Tower and unloaded a salvo of weapons but only did a little damage to the Tower's back, but not before the attack from the Bastage and the Tower caused the Predator to fall and it's pilot Curley to pass out.

Ambitious taking advantage of initiativeTomax in his Bastage has the last word and knocked down the Viper and turned the mech into smoldering metal. Moe ejected and knocked himself out by crashing into a tree. Tomax captures him and at this time Moe's whereabouts are unknown.

two down, two running awayThe explosions from the Viper woke Curley up but he can't seem to get the Predator on it's feet. Xamot in the Corvis comes out from the Tower's shadow and unloads on the Vapor Eagle while the Tower turns his sights on the fallen Predator. Larry who has seen this situation before decides to fight another day and retreats from Arc Royal. The Predator finally gets up but the Tower is right on him and does critical damage. Curley will be missed.

Ambitious Army retreatsThe Corvis and the Bastage eat the smoke of a very hurt Vapor Eagle as Shemp gets out as the getting's good.

Commander Dragon issues bonuses all around for his brave and well equipped pilots and celebrate as Arc Royal comes under the Dreadnok Raider flag.

(Status Reporter: Cinemax)

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